NOW OPEN FOR BOARD REPAIRS! Come visit us at 3/1 Rene St Noosaville.
NOW OPEN FOR BOARD REPAIRS! Come visit us at 3/1 Rene St Noosaville.
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We get asked questions by new surfers all the time so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer here already email us on

I would like to start surfing but not sure what I should do? 

Best thing to do is have a surf lesson from a professional surf coach or camp. There are several all over Australia and can be found on the Surfing Australia website: We also have a link to a local surf school on the sunshine coast, Coolum Surfing School: This will help you understand the ocean and most schools guarantee you to stand up first go.

If I’m starting to surf what size waves should I be surfing? 

Choose the waves that you feel comfortable with. Don’t think you have to paddle out with all the other surfers as you will just be scared off. If they are big waves and you want to get your hair wet just surf the white wash and practice getting up on your board.

Do I have to be fit to surf?

With most sports you need to be of moderate fitness, not saying you have to be a body builder. Anyone can surf but it’s a good idea to be confident in the water. You also use a lot of upper body strength for paddling and standing up.


What equipment will I need to start surfing?
We recommend the following equipment:

- A surfboard that’s fit for you surfing ability 
-Board bag to protect the board while travelling
-Leg rope, it ties around your ankle to the board 
-Wax, to keep you on the board 
-Grip, if required 
-Wet suit or Rash vest depending on the season 
-Lots of sunscreen & zinc to protect you against the sun 
-Roof racks to travel with for you vehicle

What board should I use? 

It depends on what type of surfboard you would like to surf, longboards or shortboards. We recommend mini mals to get started so you can choose from there but we do have beginners starting on small boards with a thicker width. We welcome beginners to come into the factory so we can design a board to your measurements and surfing ability. Alternatively you could speak to a professional in a surf shop near you who can point you in the right direction. If you don’t get the right board you will find it very difficult and not enjoy the sport of surfing.

  Are there surfing rules out in the water?

There are a few important rules that you need to follow:

-Don’t drop in on another surfer who is already riding the wave 

 - Share the waves with other surfers 

 - Stay out of each other’s way, there’s lots of ocean 

 - Respect the ocean & learn the waves

I’ve been surfing for a while and feel that I am ready to change my board, what should I do? 

Once you feel comfortable with the board and turning easily, we recommend to come into the factory or a Surf Shop and talk about your surfing ability. They will then measure your height, weight and find out where you mostly surf to give you the best board suitable for you.