2023 Sleep Walker - PU
2023 Sleep Walker - PU

2023 Sleep Walker - PU

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The Sleep Walker PU Longboard is a single-fin design, created and honed by Tully St. John – master shaper at Laguna Bay longboardsImagine a proven allround longboard, road-tested and scrutinized by the world’s best longboarders.

But even for everyday surfers, right down to those loggers just starting out, this formula just works. Add our vintage PU construction and you have one of the classiest and best-looking longboards on the market.

Rail: 50/50 forgiving
Bottom: Single concave with slight chine, to rolled V
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level: Beginner to World Champ

Sleep Walker PU Design:

• Deep entry concave
• Forgiving rails make it easy to nose ride, turn and not catch
• Good thickness through midsection to easily paddle into waves
• Large nose area for hanging ten
• Medium rocker line so the board doesn’t nose dive and allows for increased maneuverability